Hi, I'm Ruben.

I'm a residential real estate agent making enough sales each year to support my family.  In fact, my sales numbers are pretty average. However, a few years ago, I used my residential real estate business to become a multifamily real estate investor.  The best part is, I didn't invest any of my own money or change my business at all.  Now, I'm making money in my sleep and I'm showing other agents how to do the same thing.

Join me now in my workshop and I'll help you create your "Customized Multifamily Real Estate Agent Game Plan". 

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Here's the challenge we face, the nature of our business is "feast or famine".  

Until our business grows large enough to have a team behind our efforts, the majority of us work really hard, get a great paycheck, then tighten our belts until the next home sale.  

My name is Ruben Martinez and I am a residential real estate agent working in San Diego County.  When I was a brand new agent, I quickly realized that the big money in real estate wasn't in sales, it was in investing.  Yes, selling houses is great, but I didn't have a reliable income when I was first getting started so becoming an investor wasn't in the cards.  Also, I needed cashflow.  I needed to fill my bank accounts when sales were lean.

I began looking around for solutions and I landed on a pretty awesome solution to many agents' problem.  Join me on my free workshop where I will help you set up your very own game plan to solve your real estate business's investing and cashflow challenges.

This workshop is entirely free and will take just 60 minutes of your time.  Available right now, just click the button to access the "Multifamily Real Estate Game Plan Workshop".


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